Meet the Duo


Just Duet at the NDSU Memorial Union Gallery, 2014



Just Duet is an offbeat musical and comedic duo, often—but not always—comprised of clarinet and percussion. Blending contemporary music with elements of theater, sketch comedy, and storytelling, we use our audience and space to create an experience that is never the same twice.

The unholy spawn of a night at a Fargo beer hall, Just Duet is the brainchild of Cynthia Goosby and Scott Charvet. The two met as music graduate students at North Dakota State University, and within a month of forming in early October, 2014, they began performing publicly and privately in a variety of venues, including concert halls, bars, libraries, churches, living rooms, schools, and even a cave! After spending two years in Bowling Green, OH, to finish their M.M. degrees, the duo moved to Austin, TX, in 2017! The twain host Perform or Die! events, bring outreach programs to public schools, and perform shows, which feature newly commissioned works and original sketch comedy videos.


Cynthia Goosby | Clarinets

A recent Master of Music graduate in Clarinet Performance at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, Cynthia Goosby also holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Clarinet Performance and a Bachelor of  Arts degree in German from Ball State University. In addition to her work with Just Duet, Cynthia is also a private clarinet teacher. Cynthia has appeared at music festivals throughout the U.S., Italy, and Canada, including Fresh Inc Festival, Tuscia Opera Festival, and Domaine Forget. She has also played in several masterclasses, performing for, most notably, Frank Cohen, Eric Mandat, Deborah Bish, and Yehuda Gilad. Cynthia’s teachers include Kevin Schempf and Elizabeth Crawford. In her free time, she enjoys arranging pop tunes for clarinet choir, cooking vegan cuisine, backpacking, and practicing yoga with her cat Apollo. One day, she hopes to grow up to be as cool as Jean Kopperud, but without the horses.


Scott Charvet | Percussion

Scott Charvet is an active percussionist and educator in Austin, TX, teaching private lessons by day and performing across town by night. A California native, Scott is an alumnus of California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo (B.A. Music – 2011) and Bowling Green State University in Ohio (M.M. Instrumental Performance – 2017). As a performer, he touts a literal binderful of experience (some 100-200+ concerts so far) with a variety of groups and organizations, including the the Austin Brass Band, the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts, San Luis Obispo Wind Orchestra, Fargo-Moorhead Symphony, the Santa Clara Vanguard, and even a few rock bands here and there. Scott has also participated in master classes with Steven Schick (U.C. San Diego), Matthew Duvall (Eighth Blackbird), Daniel Karas (Grand Rapids Symphony), the Boston Brass, and the Los Angeles Percussion Quartet. His music tastes range from the traditional (Prelude from Cello Suite No. 1, Bach) to the surreal (Bad Touch, Casey Cangelosi), but his absolute favorite is music with character, funk, and groove; the fun stuff that makes you dance. Outside of music, Scott thoroughly enjoys movies, television, and the discussions that follow, as long as they are accompanied by pizza and beer.