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Things We Gone and Done

Cynthia Goosby, clarinets

Scott Charvet, percussion

Adam D. O’Dell, composer


If you like memes and existential dread, venture into the weird world of clarinet, percussion, and sketch comedy dreamed up by Cynthia Goosby, Scott Charvet, and composer Adam D. O'Dell.

Though conceptualized, recorded, and produced between January and November of 2018, the genesis of this EP actually starts back in Spring 2016, when we were all in grad school together. Having not been able to participate in our student composer society’s “24x24” event (24 hrs. to write a piece; 24 hrs. to learn and perform said piece), we decided to create “One and Done,” wherein we asked Adam to write a one minute piece in one hour which we’d see once (in the performance). This first iteration of “I need this horse… Kings need horses,” based on a tweet by Kanye West, was sight-read as an encore to “Showtotype,” our first full-length music and sketch comedy show. Over the next few years we continued working with Adam on these short, comedic pieces, until we realized we had a good collection of his music that we could record. We decided to take on the project ourselves, producing the EP from our home. We assumed the roles of performers, audio engineers, producers, promoters, comedy writers, and everything in between. This EP is a milestone in our duo’s history, and with Adam’s involvement as composer and actor, a fun record of our friendship; a reminder of the things we gone and done.

For full notes from the composer, click here.


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